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Integrate text messaging into your enterprise using our sophisticated API and REST/SOAP interface

Large enterprises and institutions that need a text messaging platform, which can be easily integrated into their backoffice systems for messaging - look no further. The TextPower REST/SOAP-based APIs are powerful and easy for developers to leverage.

While most TextPower’s services allow customers to create, manage, send and see messages, TextPower has two sophisticated interfaces that facilitate a direct connection to its switch and gateway. These connection options are available to Enterprises that need a more hands-on level of control over all of their messaging capabilities, connect directly from their own web applications and much more.

TextPower can offer technical assistance on an hourly basis to assist with this connectivity. We also provides clear, substantial documentation for developers so that our customers can complete their projects with minimal, if any, assistance.

What Makes TextPower™ Your Right Choice

  • Powerful, Comprehensive APIs

    TextPower offers a wide variety of API functions so Enterprises can build their own applications and control them from their own server or desktop. For example, if an Enterprise has a server, TextPower can forward any mobile-originated messages sent to the Enterprise’s keyword or dedicated short code directly to that server. These APIs vary from relatively basic interfaces for sending and receiving messages to extremely sophisticated ones that allow the Enterprise to build databases on their server, access high speed bulk sending facilities, retrieve delivery status and much more.

  • TextPower REST/SOAP Interface

    Representational State Transfer (REST) and Standard Object Application Program (SOAP) interfaces are even more sophisticated, and allows the Enterprise to do even more than TextPower’s standard API. If the Enterprise has a specific need that requires intricate interfacing with their back office system, or machine-to-machine communication, TextPower’s REST and SOAP interfaces will provide the Enterprise with the power and simplicity they need to make it happen.

  • International Text Messages

    International messaging via SMS has historically been a complex and convoluted process. Special protocols, different coding and multiple routing channels had always made it difficult to implement and expensive to offer. That’s not the case any longer thanks to TextPower’s “transparent international sending” capability. Whether the text messages are sent using web-based applications or using TextPower’s powerful APIs, all an Enterprise needs to do is to prepend the “+” symbol and the country code to any international number and TextPower’s system does the rest.

  • Platform features

    TextPower provides a fully redundant infrastructure and secure software platform that reaches virtually every cell phone in the United States. We also offer an exclusive “automated retry” of messages that fail due to carrier non-delivery issues.

  • Customer Segmentation

    TextPower allows for easy segmentation of an Enterprise’s customer base to send situation-specific messages.

  • Fastest throughput in the industry

    TextPower sends thousands of messages per minute and millions of messages every month.

  • Tested and Proven

    TextPower has been in business since 2009 and has excellent reputation in the industry. We pride ourselves on our dependability.

If you are looking for a custom text messaging solution that can be built into your systems, TextPower is the partner you are looking for.

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