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Hello today we’re going to talk briefly about text power is wonderful alert dispatcher application. This is a great way for you to stay in touch with employees, field service personnel, or anyone else that’s part of your organization. To log into alert dispatcher. You simply go to and enter the credentials that we provide for you. If you have a campaign, you’ll have to enter it here but if you don’t it’ll work just fine without it. You can usually remember your credentials on this machine by clicking this button. You can pick some sounds for incoming messages, which I’ll talk about just a moment, and you can see the status of all your last sent messages all on this page. Click this button right here. Click to login, now we’re logged in and you can see that in the Send messages tab there already a couple of people in the address book, so we could send a message to either one or both of these people, but let’s take a look at the address book so we know how to add, edit, and add groups as well. Let’s click on over to address book; and you’ll see that both of those same names are in the address book. Both of them were added by using this very simple function over here: first name last name and cell number. Just enter those and then click add new record. Very easy to do. The other way to add numbers and names to this address book is to import them into the address book. if you have a lot of people this is very handy. You can use anything like that word or XL to create a list in the following format. The import address book field you’ll see if you roll over it, there is a tooltip that pops up that tells you what the appropriate format is. All you need to do is to put in the first name, last name, and the cell number, with or without quotes. Here’s the one for Sally Brown and then import from the field below and you’ll notice that the message comes up that shows it was imported, if there was an error, if you had mistakenly put in a land line number or a cell phone number, without all of the digits and gotten an error message, We can go back and correct it. We see that Sally Dave and Bob are all listed in the address book.

Now let’s say that we wanted to send employee messages routinely just to Sally and Dave. We can create a group for them – let’s call this new group emergency, in case they are in the emergency room, or they need to be contacted in case of emergency, let’s add this new group, and now you’ll see that it appears in the drop-down menu because you can have many groups listed. Now let’s add them. You see right here we’ve got individuals in the selected group. There’s none in there now, so let’s add Sally and Dave. I’m going to move those checked into the group, and there they are, now Sally and Dave‘s numbers are in that group. So now if we wanted to send a message to that group, we’ll go back to the send messages tab and you’ll see we have a typed I for individual G for Group. You can send a message individually to Bob or to Bob and Sally or just Sally just by clicking the checkboxes, or you can send a message to the group simply by clicking that group chat box. You’ll see right here it says to unique number. Select it – it’ll tell you how many messages you’re about to send out. Simply enter a testing message here whatever message you want it’ll tell you how many characters you’ve got remaining and then click send this message. That’s all you have to do. They’re easy and it will immediately send those employee messages.

If someone to whom you have sent a message replies to that message, that will appear right here in the reply. We’ll receive messages tab. If you want to reply back again to create a dialogue or conversation you simply have to click this blue arrow and it will automatically put the number directly into this field right up here. Their cell number, and you can type a message into this field click send reply. That’s all there is to it. It automatically sends it out so you got your sent messages tab here type un a message select the people you want to send it to or a group if you want to send it to and click send this message you can add have some special functions but we won’t get into that in this video maybe some other time. You can receive messages very easily, reply back to them you got an address book to add to each change messages, you can manage your groups in the group chat, and of course in the my account tab you got a status update. you you got your login credentials in the about tab, you’ll see some information about alert dispatcher. That’s all there is to it. Thanks for watching. If you have any questions please contact us on our support line or via email. Thank you.