Utility Texting Testimonial Blue Grass Energy Cooperative

Utility Texting Testimonial – Blue Grass Energy Cooperative

Utility Texting Testimonial – Blue Grass Energy Cooperative



Transcript follows:

Testimonial – Ken Cooper, Blue Grass Energy Cooperative

What do you currently use Text messaging for?

Ken Cooper : We use text messaging for a couple of different things.

We have the Beat the Peak program, where we have members to volunteer to shave the peak so we send them a text message or email alert thru TextPower to ask them to curb their water heater usage or turn up their space heaters or turn up their thermostat a little bit during the peak times.

We also use it for employee notifications, so employees that are off on vacation and have no access to email and want to know what’s going on back at the co-op, if one of their co-workers had a family member sick or something like that. So they can stay informed.

And the biggest thing that we’ve been doing here lately is outage texting. So the integration with our OMS system allows us to take a text message to report an outage. And then also the member can pick up status on that outage by texting in ‘#status’ and they can find out when the power is going to be restored, or whether the crew is on site, or whatever the current status of the outage is.

What kind of reaction have you got from members and staff for using Texting?

Ken Cooper : Well it’s been a real positive thing force, a lot of the members have told us that, that’s probably one of the best things that we’ve done.

In the beginning we surveyed, we’ve got a report that we get, that tells us who all used the system, last month, in the previous months, for reporting an outage, or asking for a status. We’ve done a survey of them, we’ve called them and said ‘ Hey, what do you think about the program, you can think of any kind of improvements we can make on it?’ – things like that. We got a lot of positive comments.

Why did you choose TextPower?

Ken Cooper : Well TextPower, their ease of integration, we are integrated with our Outage Management System for mail soft, that’s also our IVR, that allows us to use one system to send messages and also the integration with OMS gives us the ability to do the outage texting.

Would you recommend TextPower to your fellow Utilities?

Ken Cooper : Yes, and the matter of fact I have recommended it to two-three others, so…