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TextKey’s FAQs – Gain in-depth knowledge of how TextKey™ works and why it’s an industry leading authentication service

TextKey’s FAQs – Gain in-depth knowledge of how TextKey™ works and why it’s an industry leading authentication service. Download the White Paper!


Basic Text Below:

The next-generation omni-factor™ authentication system
The world’s frst patent-pending Omni-Factor Authentication™.
Protect websites, VPNs and apps with an industry leading seven factors of authentication verified by the user sending a simple text message FROM their cellphone. We are the industry leading authentication service.

What is TextKey ™?

TextKey™ is a patent-pending next-generation omni-factor authentication system
that is highly secure, simple to install and easy for users. It can be used to protect
web sites, Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), apps or any other data that requires
privacy, confdentiality or restricted access. It works by having users text a simple
message via standard SMS into the TextKey ™ system to authenticate their identity.

Who needs TextKey ™?

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), enterprises, financial institutions,
medical facilities or others that want to protect intellectual property, sensitive
records, transactions or other important information from theft or illegal access.
Don’t companies already protect their web sites?

Most web sites are only protected by the standard user ID and password process
simply because more effective protection has been too difficult, cumbersome or
expensive for the average business to implement. Protect yourself with the industry
leading authentication service

The established and industry-accepted best practice for protecting a web site
from intruders that goes beyond ID/password protection is a “two-factor
authentication” system. The two factors mean that the authentication process
requires two things:

1. Something you know. In most cases this will be a user ID and password, or
occasionally security question “challenges” (e.g., “What is your mother’s
maiden name?”) to which, presumably only the user would know the answer.

2. Something you have. In most cases these “things” are a security “token” which
the user must carry with them all the time in order to access the web site.
These tokens typically take the physical form of key fob (similar in size and
appearance to a vehicle’s remote entry gadget), a special card with an
embedded microchip or a USB thumb drive.

If it’s better why don’t all web sites use two-factor

Two-factor authentication systems can be complex, difficult to install, constant
work to maintain and are typically very costly. Only companies with significant
information technology resources have been able to implement these systems in
the past.

What makes TextKey™ different?

TextKey™ is a next-generation authentication system. It replaces complex, costly
and high-maintenance systems with a simple approach that leverages the power
of advanced messaging technologies and a cellular phone’s “fngerprint.”
Many companies that have a need for security haven’t taken the appropriate
steps to secure their environments because of the complications and expense.
TextKey™ offers a way for companies of any size to implement authentication
quickly and inexpensively.

The TextKey™ approach eliminates:
• Signifcant up-front expense of other two-factor authentication systems
• Complex installation of hardware and/or software
• Man-in-the-Middle and Man-in-the-Browser hacks
• Purchasing and maintaining an inventory of “tokens”
• Tracking, replacing and maintaining these tokens
• Lost or misplaced tokens or insufficient supply when needed
• Learning curve for users

Why is TextKey™ more secure than other
authentication systems? Why are we the industry leading authentication service?

Every cellular phone ever manufactured contains a unique device identifier (a
“UDID”) that serves as the “fngerprint” of that device. While hacking or spoofng
may work on common two-factor authentication systems because they receive,
not send, text messages, the TextKey™ system eliminates this hacking by using
the fngerprint of the phone to verify that the message is being sent by a
legitimately authorized phone and not a “spoofed” number. A text message
cannot be sent into the TextKey™ system without the cell phone carrying the
correct UDID.

Furthermore, two-factor authentication systems rely on information being input
into a browser by a user. Typically someone using a cell phone receives a text
message containing an authorization code and then must enter the code that
appears on the token or cell phone’s screen into a feld on the web page. By
defnition this opens the process to “man-in-the-middle” (MITM) or “man-in-thebrowser”
(MITB) hacks that compromise the security of the entire process.
TextKey™ uses a patent-pending process that completely eliminates any
information being entered into, or shared through, the browser. All
communication occurs on a secure server-to-server connection outside of the
browser environment and thus excludes, by defnition, any possibility of MITM or

MITB attacks.

How does it work?

When a login is attempted on a protected web site or VPN a numeric code will
appear in an overlay box that the user must text into the TextKey™ system from
their cell phone. Without our system receiving the proper code from the proper
phone it will not authorize the login to your site. The overlay box prevents the
user from entering anything into the web page until either the correct code is
sent into the TextKey™ system or a timeout occurs, reverting the user back to the
original login page.

All the user has to do to authenticate their identity is send a simple text
message from their cell phone. There are no apps to download or update, no
smartphones are required, nor is there any hardware or software to maintain on
the server side. There are no tokens to buy, distribute, track and replace. A
standard text message from a standard cell phone is all it takes to authenticate
the user.

Is it difficult to set up on my web site?

If your web site already uses a simple user ID and password system, more than 90% of
the work is done.

How can this be so simple to implement and yet so

We’ve designed TextKey™ so that most of the work is on our end, not yours. One simple
block of code, which we provide to you, gets copied and pasted into the HTML on your
login page. A few additional lines of code, which we also provide in PHP, .NET or

Javascript, get installed on your server to complete the secure communication between
your server and ours.

You can register the cell phone numbers associated with each user ID that you wish to
authorize on a simple web page or by using our API to connect to our server. In either
case the only information that must be registered on our site is the user’s ID and the cell
phone number associated with it. TextKey™ never requires any new credentials and
never requests your password. The user ID that you use on your company’s web site is
required for verifcation and matching to your mobile number but it is stored in a
“hashed” format and therefore cannot be read or retrieved by anyone, ever.

How long does it take to implement it?

TextKey™ can be installed on a typical web site in a few hours. Your mileage might vary,
of course, but TextKey™ is designed so that our infrastructure does the heavy lifting; the
majority of the code and processing occur on our system, not yours. Compare that to
the days or weeks of implementation typical of other systems.

TextKey™ doesn’t require any hardware or software that might interfere with your
regular operations. It doesn’t require timing synchronization with your server or
additional devices (tokens, key fobs, etc.) to be issued to your users, so it all happens

Implementations may vary based on the complexity of your application, desired
features, etc., but the only thing that is required for TextKey™ to work is to have a cellular
phone number associated with each user ID and to have that information registered on
our system.

How can it be secure if you have the user IDs?

TextKey™ does not maintain your user IDs in any readable format; after you enter them
through our registration system they are fully encrypted and unreadable by anyone –

Can I see how this industry leading authentication service works?

• Our demonstration site illustrates how TextKey™ works: https://secure.textkey.com/
• You can also view an animated, 2-minute video of how TextKey™ functions here:

Who is behind TextKey ™? The industry leading authentication service, TextPower, Inc., created and provides TextKey ™ services. The company provides mission critical alerting services for utilities, tracking companies, municipalities and universities. Our infrastructure is built with clustered server failure protection and is completely georedundant (a mirrored image of our infrastructure and databases is in a completely different region of the country from our primary data center). In short, TextKey™ is powered by the most robust, most reliable text messaging company anywhere.