Social Media Alternative to Town Square

Facebook and Twitter are today’s Town Square – Social Media Alternative

Facebook and Twitter are today’s Town Square but direct messaging is more effective and faster. Use a Social Media Alternative

Transcript follows:


I am Scott Goldman, co-founder and CEO of TextPower and what I wanted to talk to you about today is, the fact that, so many of customers are using Facebook and Twitter to inform people about various events, some things that are happening. And we think that’s great, we are extensive users of Twitter and Facebook as well, you can find us at @TextPower on Twitter and of course as well will get you to our Facebook page.

And we think this is great, when you want to announce something as you are in the Town Square. Now, the Town Square in the old days was the place where people gathered and somebody would come to make a big announcement, maybe they would nail something up on a post and you have somebody read it, or you would have a trumpeter come and play a loud sound that would gather everybody in.

But, when you have an event that requires an immediate notification, whether that’s a power outage, or a storm coming, or road closure, or a snow day for a school, something like that, it’s not really the best approach to get to people.The Time Square isn’t actually the most efficient method.

What is incredibly efficient on the other hand is, our text messaging service.

Now the reason it’s efficient, is really twofold.

First of all, the speed that we send this messages out, can’t be beat. We send out over 200 messages per second, and that means that if you have 10 thousand people that you need to inform about an outage, or a storm coming or something like that, that requires immediacy, you can do that in one one minute. Ten Ten thousand people in a minute, think about that!

The other reason that’s really a great method is because, Facebook posts and tweets do get read, but typically it takes a while; typically you have to post the tweet several times before people see it. But the fact of the matter is, text messages are different.

95 percent  percent of text messages are read within 3 minutes, that’s a remarkable number and what it means to you, is that you can get messages out not only fast, not only directly to people’s pockets, but that they are going to read them to. It’s a great way to keep customers informed, it’s fast, it’s inexpensive and it absolutely delivers things right to people’s pockets or their handbags, briefcases or wherever they might keep their phone.

So we highly recommend it when you need an immediate way to communicate with people, to supplement for that Town Square, we might just want to make an occasional announcement and we have people read it when they have the time.

This is the way that have really become the way to deliver that message right away to people and to have them open it for sure 95 percent percent  within 3 minutes. Think about that!

Thanks very much for using our services, we sure appreciate it!