Jury Duty Texts

Jury Duty Texts

Jury Duty Texts It’s every citizen’s duty – and privilege – to serve as a juror when summoned. When the summons arrives at first it feels like a nuisance, something that interferes with the daily flow of life that should be avoided. Then, after some consideration, you realize that it’s a civic responsibility to participate in the same way that it is to vote. So you mentally commit to serve if called.
Phoning To See If You Have to Report For Jury Duty

Then comes the real nuisance part: Calling in every night to see if you have to report for jury duty the next day. You know the drill – carry that wretched letter with the phone number and the codes you have to enter, remember to call, find a quiet spot where you can hear the voice prompts on the other end, enter an interminable number of digits to get to the point where you can actually enter yet another code that represents your juror number and then wait. And, of course, if you do something wrong, you have to start from scratch. Finally, you receive the information… you do, or do not, have to report for jury duty the next day.

For jurors summoned to serve for the State of New Jersey Courts, however, that’s ancient history. For the past couple of years NJ Courts has been using a simple, effective and cost-efficient system that:

Eliminates the need for jurors to call in every day
Provides a trackable log of who has received notification and responded
Reduces costs for the court
Increases summoned juror likelihood of responding and reporting to jury notices

What’s the magic system? Jury Duty Texts.

It’s simple – they get a standard text message at about 5:00 PM telling them that they do or do not have to report for jury duty the next day. If they have not been called at the end of their standby term they receive a message thanking them for their service and confirming that they are no longer needed and will not receive any more messages. These messages can be received by any cell phone; smartphones are not required because every cell phone manufactured today is SMS-enabled.

In fact, roughly 85% of all summoned jurors who are offered the option of receiving a text message instead of having to call in every night take that option. It’s simple, easy to sign up and requires on a one-time effort instead of having to call in every night.

So the next time you’re told to report to jury duty think about this: Would you want to be obligated to call in every night for a week and go through the entire process over the phone or just get a text?

85% of the jurors summoned for State of New Jersey Courts think the decision was easy. Get Jury Duty Texts.


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I am Scott Goldman, the co-founder and CEO of TextPower.

I wanted to let you know, that we have a great service that’s been used for about the last couple of years by the New Jersey State Courts, that helps the New Jersey Court inform jurors, people who have been called for jury duty as to whether or not they need to report the next day.

Now if you’ve ever been called for jury duty, the way it typically works is, you receive a letter in the mail and then every night you have to call in and enter a bunch of codes into a phone line and it tells you do or you don’t have to report for jury duty. So you have to remember to have the codes with you, probably by bringing that letter and then you might have to remember to call in every night, maybe set an alarm, or a calendar reminder or something like that.

Isn’t it easier to just sign up to receive a text message, every night, to let you know whether or not you do or don’t have to report?

Enter Jury Duty Texts!

It’s a great way for the courts to do that, because there is a record of every message that has been sent and in fact, we can also tell the court whether or not that message has been delivered to the phone. And, it’s very easy for the user, the juror participates more. In fact, when given the opportunity, jurors who have the option of choosing text messaging as opposed to calling in every night, pick the text messaging option about 80% of the time, just because it’s so convenient, it’s just too convenient to pass up.

Now this same service can be used for a lot of different applications, not just for jury duty, but informing people when they have to appear for other reasons, especially in the court scenario, if they have to appear for a court date, it’s good for attorneys, it’s good for plaintiffs, staff to appear. So this is a really easy way for the court to stay organized, inform people on time, it’s completely automatic, it’s lower cost than any other method, we think it’s a great service . We also have a blog post all about it, that you can read about, we’ll put the link up over here for you to click on, we really recommend it.

TextPower and the text messaging service that we provide it’s a great way for you to inform people when and where they do or do not have to appear.

Thanks so much for using our services, we sure appreciate it.