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Video: Interview with TextPower’s CEO, Scott Goldman on TextKey at the RSA conference

Video: Interview with TextPower’s CEO, Scott Goldman on TextKey (page link) at the RSA conference

Partial transcript: Re: RSA Conference

Hey there this is David Larssen at the 2012 RSA conference in San Francisco. We are lucky enough to be joined by Scott Goldman the president and cofounder of TextPower. Scott thanks so much for being with us today.

My pleasure thanks for having me

Scott that you can tell our viewers was a little bit about TextPower and what you do.

Sure. TextPower is actually an SMS messaging company and the way the TextPower has developed our website security products TextKey is we’ve kind of turned the security model upside down. In a lot of cases when a website I want to protect its logins, somebody logs in with the user ID and password and then in some cases the messages sent from the website to the phone to user cell phone displaying a code. that code is displayed in the user has to go back to the website and enter that code on the website and that grants them access to the website. We’ve turned that model upside down. The way that we do it is we’ve made it very easy to implement by providing a plug-in for the website owner and what happens is after you enter your user ID and password a code actually appears on the screen. you then have to take your cell phone that is pre-registered to be associated with the ID and password and you have to send a text with that code from your phone. If it doesn’t come from your phone is not accepted by our system. What a lot of people don’t know is that cellular phones aren’t recognized by the carrier by their cell phone number he’ll recognize by an embedded unique device id an fingerprint for every phone.