Unique Service for Utilities Can Help With TCPA Compliance

Unique Service for Utilities Can Help With TCPA Compliance

Help With TCPA Compliance: Our customers tell us that one of the most common reasons that they are reluctant to send messages to their customers is fear of violating TCPA regulations. Mainly, the TCPA regulation in question is the one that holds the message sender responsible even if a phone number was disconnected.

Essentially, if a number was disconnected and then reassigned to someone else and a text message is subsequently sent to that number even though the sender was not made aware by the previous or new owner of the number that they disconnected or didn’t want to receive messages the TCPA rules still apply.

Luckily, TextPower has developed a solution for that. We Can Help With TCPA Compliance.

Understand How Our Unique Service Helps Utilities With TCPA Compliance

At no charge TextPower reviews roughly 50 million disconnected phone numbers EVERY MONTH and checks for matches in our system. If we find a disconnected number that matches a number in our system we remove it from all lists.

This assures you of not sending a text to a previously disconnected number that has then been reassigned and thus violating the TCPA laws. TextPower protects you against that and gives you the confidence of sending messages without fear of TCPA fines or reprisals.

Send messages with confidence – only with TextPower!

Transcript follows:


I am Scott Goldman, co- founder and CEO of TEXTPOWER.

We have a lot of utility customers and they tell us that one of the things that concerns them the most about being able to send messages to all of their members and customers, is the TCPA , that’s the Telecommunications Consumer Protection Act , which states that if someone had a phone number and disconnected that number, the phone company then puts it into a kind of ‘quarantine’ and then once that number goes back into service , if the text messaging company, like TEXTPOWER sends a message to that number , the company that sent the message, in this case the utility, may still be liable under some of the TCPA regulations.

We think that’s a bad regulation. We are actually working in Washington DC to stop it. But in the meantime we’ve taken measures to make sure that our customers are not exposed ,by creating a special kind of program that sorts thru about 45 million mobile phone numbers every month to find any that has been disconnected. We match those numbers with any of the numbers in our database and pull them out , thus assuring our customers that they will never send a message to any number that has been put thru a TEXTPOWER system and that has been disconnected.

So it gives our utility customers the assurance of being able to send messages which is the fastest, most expeditious way of communicating with their customers in the event of emergency , an outage , a power outage , and other emergency notification situations. It gives them the assurance of doing that without violating the TCPA regulations.

There you have it, another great service from TEXTPOWER.