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Video: CNBC Nightly Business Report Video Interview: Security Precautions

Video: CNBC Nightly Business Report Video Interview: How consumers and small businesses can protect themselves from hackers by taking some simple security precautions.

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The nation’s top banks continue to work with the FBI to determine the scope of a huge hack attack. As a reported last night sophisticated hackers have reportedly gained access to computer systems and bank records of JP Morgan Chase and six other banks. This latest scheme has raise questions on how consumers and businesses can protect themselves against getting hacked. Our next guest says there are some simple steps to safeguard their personal information. He’s got Goldman CEO of text power. This is the website security firm. So Scott a lot of people have been very nervous looking at these headlines and a lot of people do some of the basic hack auntie hack attack as steps and still we feel very vulnerable how are you to these a big attack on the big banks? Well in the ongoing cat mouse game between security and hackers chalk up another one for the mice. There are plenty of I need things that you can do to protect yourself and I want to go through the steps with you they are all very basic and somethings I will keep you protected. Well actually you have a list here you say choose a strong password we always hear this change it frequently. So what’s considered strong and how frequently do you change it? well this is kind of security 101 would you want to do is select a password that does not contain dictionary words, it doesn’t have your birthday doesn’t have your dogs name in it you want to choose something that long complicated it’s got a couple symbols in it and if you can pick a phrase that would be really good. We want to change the password probably at least once every 90 days or so and it would be good for businesses to have a policy that would force their people to change their passwords at least that frequently to keep it safe. OK The next one on your list is subscribe to a multi-factor authentication process – You are going to translate. what that mean you’re sure that’s kind of cake speak for having another method to identify verified your identification so the way that that works is if you’re in Gmail or Facebook user you’re probably familiar with the process already and the way that it works is very simply you opt in to receive a text message when you are logging into your account and what you do is you get you enter your ID and password and then the text messages sent to your phone. In some cases you send one from your phone and that message has a code in it which you then would enter into a field on the screen and that because it’s not associated with the website for the user ID or the password identifies you with the third mechanism that’s what multifactor means. Let’s go through some of these other ones Bad links in emails and also encrypt your computer tell us what those 2. Let’s take emails first you would really be shocked at how good hackers have become, it’s the really extraordinarily artistic talent of developing emails that work exactly like what you would get from a large firm from Bank of America from American Express. What you want to avoid at all costs is clicking on any of the links in those emails. if you get an email that says your account has been hacked you need to verify your information the best thing that you can do is to go directly to that website by typing in the address or going to a trusted bookmark in your browser. Don’t click on any of those links because it’s going to take you to a bad place or your download that file. Real quickly if you’re a small or medium size business you don’t have a big IT department with the best advice of what to do to prevent an attack well I think the best advice is to have policies that prevent people from clicking on links downloading files you don’t want people downloading games or anything else because that contains the nefarious code I can affect your entire system just by downloading at one computer. It can then be transmitted through your entire network want to go to buy thank you so much Scott Goldman CEO of textpower.

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