Case Study: How Ohio’s South Central Power reduced social media reporting and increased privacy for customers

social media reporting

South Central Power, like many other utilities, uses a variety of tools including social media to communicate with their members. However, social media reporting was never intended.

At one time they had utilized an in-house solution that would allow them to send texts but there was limited integration with the OMS with no way for customers to send messages into the system to report an outage or receive status updates.

The Ohio-based electric cooperative wanted a way to advance their use of text messaging in order to reduce call center load and improve customer satisfaction.

Based on their experience South Central Power does not recommend using social media reporting for outages.

They post general outage information through social media such as Twitter and Facebook but recognize that customer reporting of outages that way is problematic.

The advantage with reporting outages via text messaging instead of social media is that “it’s more like a one-on-one conversation with the member. It’s more personal.”

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