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Utilities Relieved As Court Reverses Unfair TCPA Rule

The DC Circuit Court of Appeals has “set aside” (translation: reversed) the most frustrating and unfair TCPA rule of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA).  The so-called “safe harbor” rule allowing only a single call or text to a reassigned number before being considered a violation of the Act is gone.  This action has particular […]

Forwarding Text Messages To Email Addresses

Improve Support Processes, Expedite Responses and Make Customers Happy Text messaging works in two directions: you can send an SMS to someone’s phone or they can send it back to you.  That applies to the TextPower system, too.  Sending an alert or important notification to a large group of mobile numbers might generate some replies. […]

Big Win For Utilities: The TCPA Laws Clarified

Utilities want to provide the best possible service to their customers.  TextPower wants to provide the best possible service to utilities.  Until a recent development our customers have been confused about what they are allowed to do. The Federal Communications Commission’s TCPA laws and regulations needed clarification; it finally got some. TCPA, the Telephone Consumer […]

You Have to Report For Jury Duty … Or Do You?

It’s every citizen’s duty – and privilege – to report for jury duty and serve as a juror when summoned.  When the summons arrives at first it feels like a nuisance, something that interferes with the daily flow of life that should be avoided.  Then, after some consideration, you realize that it’s a civic responsibility to […]