Utility texting mass messaging

Utilities can send critical updates to their customers

Inform your customers about outages, payments, usage and even prepaid meter status via text message. Studies show that 80% of utility customers - of all demographics - prefer receiving outage and payment alerts via text instead of email or calls.

security authentication text messaging

Protect websites, VPNs with with an award winning multi-factor authentication solution

The world’s first patent-pending omni-factor authentication™. Protect your websites, VPNs and mobile apps with an industry leading seven factors of authentication all verified by the user sending a simple text message.

Mass messaging texting courts

Reach jurors, court officers and citizens discretely, reliably and quickly with text messaging.

People like convenience and the courts need reliability. TextPower’s messaging platform provides both. Use text messaging to communicate with your jurors, court officers and citizens inexpensively and efficiently.

enterprise security authentication text messaging

Integrate text messaging into your enterprise

Large enterprises and institutions that need a text messaging platform, which can be easily integrated into their backoffice systems for messaging - look no further. The TextPower REST/SOAP-based APIs are powerful and easy for developers to leverage.

TextPower provides text messaging (SMS) solutions for mission-critical applications ranging from immediate communications with customers/staff to high security authentication of users. The company’s geo-redundant, clustered server configuration has had a 99.997% uptime rate since 2009.

The company’s text messaging services help businesses enhance their revenues, decrease costs and improve customer service. TextPower’s patented authentication platform, TextKey™, provides multi-factor authentication to protect websites, VPNs and mobile apps by having users send a text message from their cell phone. This makes it more secure than regular two-factor authentication (2FA) and replaces the smartphone app, hardware token or security fob previously needed to verify the identity of online users for password-protected applications.

security authentication text messaging
Security & Authentication

Protect your Website, VPN and App logins with seven-factors of authentication using TextKey™. Learn More.

Utility texting mass messaging

Utilities of all sizes use our SmartAlerts™ system to send critical updates to their customers and field crews through text messaging. Learn More.

Mass messaging texting courts

Reach jurors, court officers and citizens discretely, reliably and quickly with text messaging. Learn More.

Find out how Tideland EMC reduced their call center traffic by 95% using TextPower’s SmartAlerts™ System

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