TextKey™ is the next generation of login authentication.

Alert and authenticate using text messaging

The Next Generation of Security is Omni-Factor Authentication™

The first generation of "2FA" was the "token" or "key fob" that required a user to carry an extra device with them to verify their identity. Users disliked carrying extra devices and it was proven to be easily hackable.

The second generation is the "soft token" that uses a cell phone or other device as the authentication mechanism. These are an improvement, but are complex to install and maintain… and expensive. Plus, they are less secure than TextKey™ because they can be "spoofed" and leave an opening on the web site login that can be hacked because of the immense power of hacking programs on a standard desktop PC.

Now, TextPower introduces the next generation of authentication - the patent-pending technology of TextKey™.

TextKey™ is the only authentication service that works by sending a message FROM your cell phone for verification. It uses patent-pending technology that can defend your web site from attack by having someone verify their identity simply by sending a text message from their cell phone.

Cell phones have replaced cameras, calculators, voice recorders, boarding passes and flashlights. Now it replaces security tokens, too, making it easy to verify identities. TextKey™ is:

  • More secure than a token
  • More secure than second-generation 2FA systems; it doesn't leave an open field on the web login to be hacked
  • Impervious to "spoofing" by another cell phone
  • Simple to implement - just install our plugin on your web page
  • More cost-effective - it costs a fraction of earlier systems because it is 100% cloud-based
  • More helpful - it captures the cell phone number of attempted intruders to assist authorities in pursuing the violator

Watch a video of TextPower's CEO, Scott Goldman interviewed at the industry's premiere security conference by Nethawk, explaining the TextKey™ next-generation omni-factor authentication™ system.

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